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Do you long to feel less worried, stressed, alone, depressed, disconnected, or stuck in your career, relationships, and/or life?

Are you a bright, decisive, and know what you want Washingtonian (transplant or expat), but for some reason happiness feels just out of reach? You see it (people with great careers, with true friends, or in amazing marriages) all around.  You know yourself, understand the problem, dynamic, or dilemma, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t get any traction.   You’d much rather be able to move on, or go it alone, but you can’t.  You may struggle with depression or anxiety, but your inner critic or perfectionism has your number.

Some part of you knows that life and relationships can look and feel more meaningful and connected.  That is why you’re here, ready to start living the life that was meant for you not the one prescribed by others.

I specialize in working with women who are struggling to fully show up int their personal lives, who are tired of playing small.  Whether you are single or partnered, you want to be in a relationship that you can be seen and know that you matter.

We might be a good match if:

You want to be in an amazing job, relationship, and life where people respect who you are, including but not in spite of your strengths and struggles.

You’re ready to learn how to meet and respond to life with ease and effortlessness, rather than feeling like you’re being taken down or off course by old patterns or unexpected people or events.

You’d love to know (deep down inside) that you are good enough no matter where you came from, what you have (or don’t), or what your story is.

You’re ready to love and be loved in life giving and soulful ways.

Join me and 6 women who will be digging deep and cultivating ways to live more into who they fully are in my next 2.5 day urban retreat is September 11-13, 2015.   

Just a bit about me: 

I’m  Amy Tatsumi, a psychotherapist, counselor, and art therapist  –  living wholeheartedly as a wife in a cross cultural marriage with a biracial daughter.  I help women dig deep and reconnect with themselves and the people and parts of their lives that they care about most and let go of what has been holding them back.  Working with me, you can show up as you are and have the support and space for learning, self-discovery, growth, and healing.

Explore my offerings, read more about me, or schedule a free consultation by calling or texting 202.540.0796.